Both Lisa and I work on this blog together to bring you guys our adventures and new experiences at popular places and hot restaurants. We aim to publish at least one adventure and one food post every week, complete with stunning pictures and their stories so that you can experience them with us.

We would like to thank you for showing your support to the blog! For the new year, we hope we can make our posts as enjoyable to read as they are to live through.


Eric (iampeckish)

Blogger, photographer

I always enjoyed sharing my experiences with others; not just my love of food but my mini hiking expeditions with friends. This is why I started blogging.

My main goal of blogging is not only to be able to read back and reminisce on the times but also to record our exploration of both the established and the blooming businesses as well as capture the beauty of the hikes and trails that the bay area has to offer.

Instead of establishing myself on Yelp, I decided on blogging about food adventures because it allows me paint a vivid dining experience. Food should not just be black and white; the quality of the food may be a big factor on how much I like a place but the story, ambiance, and service all contribute to my experiences there. I love to take pictures of the environment, which can help tell our story such that our readers may see it through their own eyes.

If you enjoy what we enjoy, then I humbly welcome you to join us in our adventures together week after week!

All of the pictures I take are on my Samsung Galaxy S5 using Camera 360 app on auto settings, so all pictures are as real as I see them.


Lisa (missllu)

Editor, photographer

As a child, I would save up all the money I ever received for my very first purchase of a Sony point and shoot Cybershot camera. With this, I was able to take my first steps in photography. My love for photography grew as I went through college. While I may have been an amateur, I enjoyed the fact that I could actively partake in the conservation of treasured moments of my life. Even to this day, pictures to me are a great gateway to nostalgic joys in ones life. No matter what the image is; It arouses and excites all human senses and that is simply beautiful.

While in college as well, my love for baking was conjointly growing. I would bake for my friends, suitemates, and floormates for all the special occasions. From birthday ice cream cakes, Thanksgiving pumpkin pie tartlets, or Christmas cookies & peppermint bark, each baked good brought out the more thrilled baker in me. It was great! I was ecstatic that I could contribute small bits of happiness for my loved ones.

Not until recently with my involvement in this blog would I say I am enthusiastic about photography and baking again. While I would occasionally partake in these two joys of life, it did not bring about the same warmth and conviction as I could remember. It had taken a neglected spot in the back of my mind.

However, I now can say I regained my enthusiasm. While it may be a slow transition, I hope everyone can continue to join me in my journey of sharing the amazing things the bay area has to offer with my photography.

Note: While I may write once in a while about my baking, I will primarily be doing a lot of behind the scenes editing. Hopefully not many of you mind 🙂


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