Welcome back everyone! And we apologize for going MIA for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully our apology can happily be accepted with this colorfully, sweet dessert post!

We know that it has been a while since our last dessert post, so we definitely felt that we had to go on a mini search for a place that would fit expectations. We ended up deciding on a local dessert shop that specializes in an assortment of cookies, macarons, and ice creams.

Since Icebox has an ample selection for each of these three categories, they are able to encompassingly satisfy both the sweet and savory notes that each of their consumers would come in looking for, no matter individualized or unified.

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

These impeccable sandwiches are a rising dessert combo that are taking popular sweet shops (and even some restaurants, such as Gen BBQ) by storm.

If you have fond memories of eating classic ice cream sandwiches during your adolescence, the macaron ice cream sandwich is probably going to supplement those as a textually, new alternative that is equally as good. Being those kids from the 90’s that were quite accustomed with eating the classics, this conclusion definitely rung true for us.

Other great things that macaron ice cream sandwiches are able to bring to the table, alongside their delicate texture, are their vibrant colors and aromatics. Since macarons can be made by incorporating different food essences and dyes, they become very artistic food pieces that play the dual role of supporting the ice cream in the center and captivating their consumers into awed state.

There has been several incidents where both of us have felt that a macaron alone was too picturesque to eat than a cookie. It was pretty amazing to see those striking desert buns take on a heaping scoop of the playful colors and flavors of their ice creams. One of the most memorable ones that we saw from our visit there was the vibrant purple ube ice cream (pst pst, just letting all you ube fans know).


From sampling two different flavors, lemon sorbet and marble black raspberry ice cream (which were both delicious), we decided on green tea ice cream to be the centerpiece of the desert. If you have been following us from the beginning of our blog, you would have caught on that we are pretty strong inclined towards green tea desserts.

For the exterior components of the dessert, we briskly decided on the pistachio and churro macarons. With pistachio being Lisa’s preferred flavor of the delicate French cookie, it was easy to make the decision. With the churro flavor, we chose it for the rarity and adventurous aspect of seeing if it matched what we believed it to taste.


Pistachio and churro macaron with green tea ice cream!

Although not pertaining to the actual dessert itself, I do have to point out that the ergonomic design of the container box really facilitated the consumption of this type of dessert. This is especially true as I have faced struggles in attempting to eat some out of an open bag or a cylindrical container.

Both macarons gave us the traditional sticky, gummy-like texture. One added plus for the both of us was that there were some coarsely ground up pistachio bits coating the surface of the nutty macaron. It was a nice textural addition to the soft, chewy confection. As for the churro macaron, it was covered in cinnamon sugar. It provided a subtle spice element in your mouth, which was elegantly cooled by the sweet green tea ice cream. Speaking of the green tea ice cream, while it was not the best we have tried, it was definitely smooth and milky.


As you probably guessed, we enjoyed our dessert experience at Icebox. Since this place is close to where we live, we will probably pay this place another visit some time in the near future to try out other flavor combos (or even possibly their shaved snow). If you find a good combination, please let us know in the comment section below!


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