Tea Annie


This specific tea conquest all began as Lisa noticed the rising trend for plant/potted milk teas. I speculate that California’s decision to have more green & environmental responsible items influenced the creation of this simple milk tea rendition. While the drink does not provide much for that trend to help our diminishing environment, it can help keep us in tune with nature. Specifically, this is true as its resemblance to a plant (usually a mint) sprouting from dirt brings about great visual appeal.

In fact, it was this drink’s varying aesthetic from the crowd of others that drew me in (and I assume that of many others). In order to satisfy my curiosity, I sought out the closest place that served it: Tea Annie. It was here that I got to taste this cute drink for the first time.


Originally, we stopped by for the plant milk tea, but we ended up with two drinks.


Our drinks

First and foremost, I would like to share my delightful experience of having the plant milk tea ($4.00) here at Tea Annie. Served without a lid, you can see a small bundle of mint leaves centered around a bedding of Oreo crumbs, which is suppose to simulate the role the plant’s dirt. Hidden under the crumbs, you will be pleasantly surprised by a gummy worm!

I must applaud Tea Annie’s extra effort in their depiction of what plant milk tea should look like. Needless to say, at least to me, it was on point! As for the taste, you can taste the freshly brewed black tea with the noticeably more creamy, milky base. While the Oreo dirt added some texture to the drink, the gummy worm played a modest role of adding a bit of background sweetness.


Plant milk tea

Afterwards, we had a taste of a herbal tea, which I selected after getting a good whiff of each tea sample. Similar to Teavanna’s custom blends of dried fruit bits and tea, Tea Annie offers a resembling selection of choice blends to pick to be in your drink. Before making your decision, you are welcome to smell the samples of each blend, which is conveniently located by the cashier.


Herbal tea selection

The one that I found the most appealing is called Sweet ($3.75), which contains peach, mimosas, orange peel, and Sri Lanka black tea. Some of the other blends were too flowery for my taste, but I can still see why it would be appealing to others.

After they handed me my freshly brewed Sweet tea, I unhesitatingly poked my straw into the cup for my first sip. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the taste of my drink matched the scent of the tea samples by the register. Knowing that something as simple as this can be easily done wrong, I was really impressed with Tea Annie’s brew.




Aside from the typical snacks of cookies and pastries offered in the cafe section of their onscreen menu, they recently started selling both sweet and savory crêpes (as shown from their outdoor signs).


Sign outside

We decided on getting their lemon drop crêpe. The sweetness of the crepe was nicely balanced by the concentrated tangy lemon taste. The consistency of the lemon drop filling gave the crêpe that nice small chew. As you take a bite, the thin crepe wrapping stretches and releases some of its delicious, oozy filling from inside.




We had a wonderful experience here. The drinks and snacks were both delicious and we are planning to come back here to try out their peach oolong tea (as recommended by the cashier). If you are someone that wants to try out some new tea blends, you may be interested in what this place has to offer. Nevertheless, I would not count those that favor the traditional side of things out as they may also appeal to you with their classic green, black, roasted, and oolong teas. Simply put, we think this place has something to offer for everyone.

If you guys do end up going, please let us know in the comment section below what your favor drink or snack was there. We would love know! 🙂

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