TeaTop has been one of my go-to places for milk tea for a while now, so I’m surprised I haven’t shared a post about this place to you guys. If you know me, I’m more into flavored teas than milk teas, but I absolutely love the milk teas they serve here.

It’s a small but very popular boba shop in the plaza between Miller and Bollinger Rd. This one opened earlier this year, and I’ve shared many memories with my friends here as we come here from time to time to catch up on post-college life or after eating dinner somewhere. We usually are able to find a seat inside but there’s also seating outside if the inside gets full, which it tends to around closing time.

I have been here so many times that I finished filling out five of their loyalty cards. I actually finished a card recently, so here’s a picture of it right outside their place.


One more thing to note for those who only carry around credit cards, there’s no minimum charge needed to use a card unlike some other places I have been to. Indeed, how convenient!


Really on top of their game when the place first launched. I love how each drink is treated with care as (I believe) the owner ensures that each drink is perfect and delivered to the customer. During my multiple visits here, I witnessed him hand wiping each and every drink to ensure any condensation or overflowed liquids are cleaned before handing it out to the guest. Also, he checks your receipt number to make sure the drink is yours. Something as small as that earns my respect for the establishment. Not only him, but all the front end hires seem very positive and friendly!


Although they have a list of their top ten drinks on their TV menu as well as a poster sign (shown in the picture above) showcasing them where the line is, I would like to provide you my opinion of my top 5. If you share the same taste with me, then we will share the same love for these following few drinks. You’ll notice a trend in my selection of tea, which mainly consist of their milk tea basis.

#5 Earl Grey Milk Tea w/ 3Q @ 50% sweet ($3.95)

Toppings galore, so I get it at 50% sweet as the toppings have their own natural sweetness. I usually get this when I don’t have a preference on getting the boba, grass jelly, or lychee, so why not all? I must confess though that the lychee bits are harder to drink up even with the wider boba straws, so they are always the last toppings left once I finish drinking the milk tea.

#4 Mung Bean Milk Slushie ($3.95)

If you are feeling up for a sweet drink, this one can satisfy that craving. Nice on a hot or cold day, I enjoy the mung bean flavor mixed with the milk tea. It reminds me of the chilled version of Chinese green bean soup. If you’re into Chinese desserts, then this one is definitely a must try.

#3 Taro Milk Tea w/ Sago ($3.95)

If you are a fan of taro drinks, this drink will definitely hit the spot. With the noticeably generous  amount of taro bits in the drink, it makes this milk tea into half a meal. Note that although you cannot change the drink’s sweetness, it already has the right amount of sweetness to it.

Growing up, I did not get to eat taro a lot, so I never expected its growing popularity in pastries and drinks. Now, it’s become almost a top pick at most drink stores if done right, so that is why I have included it in my own top 5 list.

#2 Milk Tea w/ Grass Jelly @ 80% sweet ($3.75)

I see this as a simpler version of my #5 pick. I usually get this if I feel up for something a little less sweet or want a topping that has a softer texture. I use to eat a lot of grass jelly when I was growing up, so eating grass jelly now brings back some of the memories of when I was a kid.

#1 Pearl Milk Tea @ 50-80% sweet ($3.75)

Something as simple as a pearl milk tea is my #1 favorite, simply because you can taste the deep black tea flavor of the drink. Each smooth sip carries a perfect amount of milk tea and boba (as I find that while at other places I have trouble drinking the pearls). It is appreciated that I have no problems with that here. Each one has a good chew to it and is lightly sweetened with honey.

Of course, if you are a fan of other toppings, then just pair it with a milk tea and it will already be a solid choice.

Also, I guess there’s one drink that you guys may be curious about, which is their top #1: the signature alpine green tea. I tried it as well but it is just not my cup of tea. I believe their honey green tea also uses that as its bases.

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