Ramen Dojo

My friend Ray recommended me this place when I was in San Mateo last time. Despite coming in at 1PM when closing time is 2PM, we still had to wait for about 15-20 minutes before we seating down. Just a heads up everyone, while there was a line, the restaurant did base seating off of a sign-in sheet. My understanding of the line barricades was that it controlled for overflow of their customers that would contribute to side walk traffic.

Inside, the ramen shop sat around twenty or so customers, so seating was tight as you would be dining closely with other people. The servers were quick to grab your order as the menu is pretty condensed.


Note that it is cash only and a minimum purchase of $11.75 per person is required. We both decided to get the garlic pork flavor ramen ($11.75).

Ramen Noodles, Meat, and Broth

The ramen noodles were the chewy and springy kind as each crinkly strand had a nice bite to it. The roasted pork was one of the highlights in this dining experience; it was tender and juicy, with a good char flavor surrounding the pork. As for the broth, we got the non-spicy option. The taste was not as heavy as some other broths I’ve had before and paired well with their topping selection.


It comes with fried whole garlic, kikurage mushroom, green chives, a quail egg, lettuce leaf, and chicken gravy. Definitely an interesting selection of toppings as I never had the last three in any ramen before.

  • Garlic: three fried garlic pieces, which I, as a garlic lover, thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Quail egg: Instead of a regular chicken egg, they give a hard-boiled quail egg!
  • Lettuce leaf: I soaked in the broth to cook it slightly, which absorbs its flavor while retaining its lettuce textures.
  • Chicken gravy: Interesting bits that added flavor to the broth.
  • Corn (Additional): of course, I had to get corn for $1.50 more. I love the small crunchy textures it adds to the meal.


All in all, I had a pleasant ramen experience and would get the same garlic pork ramen again if I came back for a second visit.

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