In our next installment of our boba adventures, we go to a place called Eggettes in San Mateo. It’s a chain that specializes in egg waffles, which are very popular in Hong Kong for a small and sweet street snack.

The one we went to was pretty big with very limited parking; we had to park in one of the two 10 minute Eggette customer parking. There are also downtown street parking if you don’t mind paying for it.


Store front


The shop has a lot of space with ample seating. There’s a mini arcade in the back with a crane machine and a gashapon for entertainment. Then, there’s a long servicing area that has an eggette station, the register, and a DIY area.


There were two special flavors, coconut and honeydew, today aside from the original and chocolate flavors. According to the guy that works there, the honeydew was sweeter, so we decided to try out the coconut ($3.00) flavored one.


Egg waffles and its press behind the counter

Delicious. It was almost instantly prepared. Each individual eggette was easy to snap off as they were very crispy around the edges while the inside was very airy but soft. They were not too sweet, which was also a nice plus. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t distinguish the too much of the coconut flavors as it was more subtle side. Having been to Hong Kong multiple times though, I can vouch that this is pretty close to the real deal.



From my most recent visit on 1/16/16, we tried out their new special: eggettes with ice cream ($4.50). This time, we got the honeydew flavor eggettes, which was just as good as their coconut’s. For the $1.50 more, they gave us a rather large scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Honeydew eggettes with vanilla ice cream


Here’s one thing I have never seen before! A DIY station! It’s also 50 cents cheaper than having them prepare your tea, so why not? First, you select your flavor and topping. Then, add a scoop of ice. Finally, you select a drink base, which is either milk tea or green tea.

I really liked how they have actual visible mango bits for their flavor. Also, Lisa always wondered how a milk tea drink would taste with real fruit, so now she knows. To go along with the mango flavoring, we paired our DIY drink with some mango jelly stars. The taste of my creation was definitely on the interesting side but I can still distinguish the different layers of flavors after mixing it. It was still nice to have some fresh fruits in the drink nonetheless.


Our very stary drink after mixing


I enjoyed their DIY section and would come by here again to try out some other different combinations. I also saw on Yelp that a lot of people enjoyed their watermelon slushies, so I will be trying that out next time!


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