Go Fish Poke Bar

I envision the poke trend to blow up even more these next couple of years, and Go Fish Poke Bar explains why. In my opinion, if you are a poke fan or simply love the taste of fresh dishes, I would definitely recommend this place. For me, it is one of the better places to get poke from, especially since they have the following:

  • Comfortable dining area – The bar seating and table seating (which sticks with the bar environment theme) brings about a friendly, sociable atmosphere. Adding on the greetings from the staff you as you enter the strikingly clean eatery, you are left with a homey feeling.
  • Fresh fish – This is possibly the most important reason why I would come to a poke bar.
  • Fish and topping options – There is no harm in having a plethora of options as long as its within a reasonable amount.
  • Customization – There are simple steps to assemble your poke bowl.

This little eatery is located on South De Anza between Sno-Crave Tea House and Global Eyecare with a 85C Bakery by the corner. There is ample parking (so no need to worry about that)!

From the introduction of Go Fish Poke Bar in November 2015, they hosted a number of different promotions, such as their 15% off during their grand opening. Another one would be when they offering a complementary miso soup with your poke bowl near Christmas time. Just from these previous promotions alone, I am excited to see what’s in store for them, especially since they treat their customers well.




The place has a nice modern feel to it. Once coming in you can notice three standout components to the walls: a simple menu in front, a side menu for rolls & entrees, and two very hip, contemporary wall decals. These decals showcase this poke bar’s slogan and shop’s name (not shown below) well, as the penscript is painted in black over their white walls. With the red accents, which was a nice added touch, Go Fish Poke Bar was able to escape from being dully monotone.

As with many modern fast food eateries, they personalize their food preparation process by laying out all their ingredients in front of you. This way, you can easily pick and choose (with your finger if you really wanted to) what items you like in your bowl. Similar to the assembly lines in Chipotle, which many of you are familiar with, this method helps expedite the ordering process.


My first time here, I got a regular bowl ($10.50) with the signature poke mix, ahi tuna, and salmon on sushi rice. With that I chose to have all the toppings, ponzu sauce, and gomae sesame sauce. Everything about their fish, from the texture to the flavor, was on point.

I opted out on the spicy, chili sauce as I felt up for a lighter poke bowl. In order to fill my appetite for some spices, I opted for some sliced jalapenos which delivered a satisfyingly good kick of heat. Speaking of spice, I really love their spicy tempura flakes for the same reason; they were able to provide a comfortable hit of crunchy spice to the lighter dish. Not only that, these spicy elements played the additional role of balancing out the freshness that comes from the cucumbers and fish.


First time here

Since my first visit was so wondrous, I had to come back for more. Here, I got their large bowl ($13.50), which had five scoops of fish. Aside from my usual selection, I also got the seared albacore, which I really enjoyed. The difference between this and their regular bowl is really the additional two scoops of fish as well as a little bit more rice. If you are really hungry or simply sharing a bowl, I would recommend going for their larger portion.


Large bowl


I definitely enjoyed the restaurant’s freshness and style. If you want to eat some fresh Hawaiian-style poke, this upcoming place really hits the spot. With a selection of handrolls, drinks, and desserts as well, there is room for delectable exploration.

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