Being there twice now, I decided to write a review of my latest food experiences here. On our second visit, we came on a Friday at the beginning of lunch hour, having to stall out an hour before the restaurant actually opened since Lisa got off work at 10:30 AM.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were able to see the today’s special laid out off to the side. They offer a selection of noodles, sushi, salad, and sides with a choice of one of two main dishes. We were able to seated down almost instantly as we were the second party to arrive. Here, I was able to snap some pictures of the restaurant before it got packed thirty minutes after opening.


When entering the restaurant, you walk through a small passageway with some nice wall decor for a nice welcoming feel.



Past this is a long dining area, where there are the dining tables and a bar area. A traditional Japanese theme resonates throughout the restaurant from the round windows choice in architecture to the art painted on the walls and placed around the restaurant. Even the plates and bowls the food is served on share the same feel.

On the outside, there is a nice Japanese garden, complete with a pagoda lantern sculpture!


Drinking some warm tea on a cold day

As for our dining area, I enjoy the large spacious tables, which fits the large food trays they serve their variety of food on.


We got two lunch specials ($9.95) with different main dishes. I got the saba shioyaki while Lisa tried their chicken teriyaki. Naturally, we shared the two. Our specific meal consisted of a salad, udon, rice, three pieces of sushi (two California rolls and one tuna roll), tempura, and the main dish. In the following, I chose to describe only the memorable dishes.


Food is here!

Salad w/ Peanut Sauce

The highlight here that kicked up this ordinary salad was the peanut sauce. It was very rich in peanut flavors but had a light taste when eaten in conjunction with the lettuce. Personally, I’m a fan of the lighter dressings, so this supposingly heavier dressing was a pleasant surprise.


It was one of the colder days, so the warm soup was perfect for heating up our tummies. It served at the right temperature; not scorching hot and not cold. The flavor of the soup was slightly sweet from the carrot while retaining a fresh feel with the green onion slivers. As for the udon noodles, they had a nice chew to them and very slurpable. I especially loved the addition of the tofu skin as it absorbed the soup flavor and had a spongy texture when eating it.


Warm and tasty udon for a cold day!


Restaurants typically serve California rolls with their bento boxes, so there’s nothing special there. They’re fast and cheap to make. I love how this place took the extra step and added some variety to the rolls they give you. Even if it is only one tuna roll, I am pleased with their additional efforts to make your meal even a little bit more special. Also, instead of giving spicy tuna or spicy salmon, which uses the leftover scraps of the ends of the fish, the roll contained cuts of sashimi.

Saba Shioyaki

I got this my first time here as well. The portions are generous, giving a full half of the mackerel rather than just a cross section. Usually, there are a lot of loose bones, but this restaurant did a pretty good job removing most of them. The inside of the fish was soft and moist, flaking off easily while the grilled exterior kept the whole fish intact. It was well salted, so just a squeeze of lemon really help bring out the fish’s flavor.


Overall, the second time was just as good as the first. Their daily specials are worth it for the price from the amount of food and variety you get.

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