Teaspoon has been my top flavored tea places to try out for the past couple months now. I have tried out almost all their specialty teas, and they were all very refreshing. Even though I enjoy their flavored teas a lot, their milk tea is pretty bomb too. Here is a recent snap of what we got on our latest visit! I have also uploaded some others on my Instagram.


House milk tea, grass hopper, and grapefruit garden

Apart from their elegant names, they all were very refreshing, depending on what you feel up for that day. From their sleek cup design to their innovative combination of ingredients, this remains a top place to visit in my opinion.


I don’t usually have a service section for these fast tea stores, but I must add one here, simply because their (San Jose’s) customer service was amazing! On our first visit, the cashier/barista asked us if we wanted to try out any specific sample, so they can make a fresh batch for us. On our latest visit, they informed us of their Facebook promotion for a BOGO free offer. We decided to get a house milk tea, but they ended up running out before being able to fill up a full cup for us, so they simply gave us the remainder and made a drink of our choosing for free.



Without further adieu, here are some of my reviews of my personal top five teas they had to offer! Each of these specialty teas are $4.

#5 Paradise Lime

The drink was more on the sweeter side so 75% sugar is recommended. It has a natural fruity flavor with a clear lime taste attached. I would get this if I feel on a sugar low.

#4 House Milk Tea

Definitely had a deep tea taste with a rich milk texture. 75% to 100% sugar is recommended. Not quite sure what sweetener they use but has a unique taste to it.

#3 Virgin Mojito w/ Fruit Flavors

This drink comes in three different flavors: peach, mango, and lychee. I enjoyed it in its peach and lychee mixtures while the mango is more on the sweeter side. Served with a lime inside, the virgin mojito makes for a very refreshing drink for any day.

#2 Grapefruit Garden

It seems like there are more and more places that offer a grapefruit tea option and this one is by far the best I have tried. Teaspoon is able to balance the grapefruit’s sourness and sweetness perfectly. It taste so fresh, and you can even see the small particles of the grapefruit floating around inside the tea.

#1 Grass Hopper

A personal favorite and go-to on any day of the year. You can taste the freshly juiced cucumber and when mixed with the sweet tea, it balances the natural bitterness of the vegetable, providing a very refreshing feeling in your mouth after every sip.


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