San Mateo Parks, Zoo, and Food

So, we planned on going to a zoo the day before as well as explore the San Mateo area but forgot that it was going to be raining. Thankfully, the showers were only during the morning, so we set off around 2 PM.

Funny story – I Googled “San Mateo zoo” and ended up with a barber shop. At first, I thought there was a mistake but it was actually the case when we checked it on Yelp. I remember I found a zoo the day before, and it turns out that the one I found was part of a museum.

Japanese Garden / Central Park

We first went to check out the San Mateo Japanese Garden as it was ranked #1 for things to do on TripAdvisor. It is inside Central Park, and we were able to find parking on Laurel Ave.

It was a nice little garden with a pond full of koi fishes, a tea house, and traditional foliage. Our relaxing stroll later turned playful as we crunched the crisp leaves that fell all over the road and played with the fishes by pretending to feed them.

Afterwards, we headed into Central Park and discovered that an ice rink was set up last week for ice skating. However, because it rained earlier, management was in the process of refreezing the surface of the rink.


We found out that the zoo was part of a science museum now called CuriOdyssey, which is located at Coyote Point. Because of the change in management, CuriOdyssey is now tailored towards kids, but that did not deter us from exploring its wildlife. The entrance fee per adult is $9 and parking is $6 per car.

When you enter, there is a room where kids can learn by playing around with the interactive exhibits. After briefly walking around in there, we decided to head outside to check out the zoo. We were greeted by a badger, two bobcats, one fox, four raccoons, and two river otters. Needless to say, the river otters are Lisa’s favorites as they were the most active.

After exploring the museum, we headed outside and walked on Bluff Trail for a while before it got too cold and windy.


We decided to try out somewhere local and ended up going to Inshou after our little adventure. You can read more about it here.


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